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    Natho’s Subs is a multi reseller, to purchase any of our products/services (subs) you must agree to the following terms of service (TOS): 



    1: Sorry there’s usually no refund as we can’t get refunded back from the supplier once an account has been created. If you haven’t already please request a pass first to check you’re happy with everything. If you have issues we will try our best to assist, if this is an issue your end for example your box breaks our no refund policy still applies. If this is an issue our end we will then either refund or offer an alternative sub. If you order the wrong sub by mistake (even though you shouldn’t as you have to tick a box confirming it’s correct during checkout process)  we might be able to help but there will likely be a fee to swap. 


    1.1: Invoices are generated automatically by the system 5 days before they are due.


    1.2: There is 2 client areas one for card and any other payment method we are likely to accept (mynatho) and one dedicated for PayPal (nspaypal) please only use the one client area depending on how you want to pay and cancel the relevant sub from the other to avoid any reminder emails and potential duplicate payments if your card is already on mynatho then you pay on nspaypal for example. 


    1.3: Payment via PayPal is a manual process you’ll be notified when you have an invoice due in your client area. Please login to your nspaypal client area, click the invoice and pay it. We can also accept payment via Credit/Debit card securely through our mynatho website. If you have previously used your card with us the system will attempt to take payment for any due invoices in your account automatically a few days before your due date. 


    1.4: If you wish to cancel your sub please request this by clicking services in the relevant client area then the relevant sub then the red Request Cancellation button. If you choose immediate your sub will be terminated before your expiry date. If you choose end of billing period you can continue to use your sub until your expiry date. Please remember to do this at least 7 days before your sub is next due as we are unable to refund subs if payment is taken but might be able to credit you so the next invoice is marked paid automatically. 

    1.5: If you open a PayPal dispute/claim about any of our subs or chargeback your account any subs you currently have with us will automatically be terminated without notice and potentially without refund. You will also be blocked from our service. Please open a ticket if you have any issues and we will always help as soon as we can. 


    1.6: We will try to keep your price the same for your sub each time you renew, occasionally this might not be possible though if costs increase from the provider for example and we lose money. If this happens you’d be charged the new price for your sub and it’ll be shown on your invoice. If you aren’t happy with the new price please open a ticket for a refund or to discuss the options.



    2: With all services like this it's never 100% so at times channels on any of our subs may have issues or stop working. These will be fixed asap so usually no need to report them. If a channel has been down a long time please feel free to mention and we can find out about it. Channels may be subject to change also so please don't purchase just for one channel. 


    2.1: Currently with some of our subs you may need a vpn. The providers are always looking for ways to overcome this but a vpn is a good idea to have on standby just incase it’s ever needed. Please remember if your sub ever gets blocked you might need a vpn while the provider is trying to overcome the block (might not happen instantly), it’s your isp blocking you not an issue with the service. 



    3: Sorry subs cannot be swapped to another sub if you change your mind. Please request a Pass first before ordering.



    4: Support is not 24/7 we will respond to all tickets asap this is usually quick as most of our customers know however occasionally there may be a wait for a reply we will get back to you as soon as possible and will keep you informed on any updates with your ticket. Our more active hours are pm (uk time) if you contact us during am Hours at times there may be a wait for a response to your ticket. 


    4.1: Our subs are compatible with but maybe not limited too. Android Phones/Boxes/Tablets, iPhones/iPads, Smart TVs. PC, Mag Boxes. Please note: we don’t officially support enigma or zgemma devices however some of our customers do use them we will help if and when we can with these.  For example we can supply the wget script. Please see 5.2 below for apps we will offer support with via ticket. At times you might need to swap to another app as occasionally there could be issues with the one you use. 


    4.2: We will support you with the following apps/devices: Our android app, gse app, Iptv smarters, perfect player, mag box, STB Emu & Tivimate. (Please note: occasionally we might need to escalate your support request which could take longer) You may use other apps more will likely work but no official support will be given but will try help if possible. 



    5: We now offer a vpn service this is currently available via the any connect app for iOS or the spot vpn or any connect app for android. Please request a free trial by opening a ticket to confirm it works good on your setup. Please see the knowledgebase for further details how to setup and download the apps. Speeds will vary you might not get your full isp speed. On testing there’s not been much speed loss on each server we have though. 



    6: If a service we resell stops trading we will try our best to offer you an alternative sub (if you was with the provider direct you’d likely be left with nothing) this however may be less time then you initially purchased or may include some different channels this will depend on our stock levels and the price you paid for your sub etc. Unfortunately this would usually exclude reseller accounts. Would recommend resellers only do 1 or 3 month Subs at all times or if you do longer please make sure customers understand service could have issues anytime. 




    7: Please remember across all our subs if you purchase it may not be perfect all the time this is Iptv not sky issues may occur at times and will be fixed ASAP. Platinum subs are usually fixed quite quickly. Vod. 24/7, & catchup are a bonus on all subs the main focus is normal live tv. (Entertainment, documentaries, standard sports channel’s for example SS football & BT sport 1) EFL is also a bonus this is usually available but at times the suppliers could have issues and they will sort when possible. 



    8: This TOS may be updated anytime without notice when using any of our products/services you agree to this TOS at all times. Please check regularly for any potential amendments.